How To Choose The Right Health Insurance

Tips How To Choose The Right Health Insurance, Is insurance all bad, not paying claims? In this article, we will discuss tips for choosing insurance so that you do not lose of  the insurance pays.

There are two important questions about insurance,

  • How important is insurance to us?
  • Is there insurance for nuclear family?

We will try to discuss all the questions above one by one in full and in detail about How To Choose The Right Health Insurance. Before we discuss further, it would be better if we equate our perspective on insurance, such as, when someone buys goods or services, there are many motivations, for example, we want to buy a family car that can be used for sightseeing.

So I will look for comfort, such as choosing big car, lots of seats, nice view. Or an entrepreneur who wants to plan to buy a vehicle for his business fleet, of course he will consider the aspect of gasoline economy, the carrying capacity and durability of the car, cheap spare parts, easy maintenance and so on.

From the two examples above, they are both buying a car, but the motives are different, the first is to pursue convenience and the second is to teach profit or profit in business. The point of the two examples above is that the purpose of buying a car is different, even though they are both cars, but the motivation to buy a car from the two examples above is different. Next example,a bank has a security guard, what is that for? Give convenience to customers who come to the bank from unwanted actions such as crime and other crimes.

Likewise with insurance, when we experience illness we must think about the relatively high cost of hospital care, of course we think we don’t want to spend money and want relief or even fully paid for by the insurance.

how to choose the right health insurance
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So that you don’t choose, we will share tips on how to choose the best insurance so you don’t lose and get paid for the sentence and don’t disappoint.

First Tips How To Choose The Right Health Insurance

Look for insurance that suits your needs, for example health insurance or critical insurance or life insurance.

  1. If you don’t have any insurance at all, we recommend choosing life insurance, because healthy people can get sick.
  2. Then the new critical illness insurance. Critical insurance aims to meet insurance costs that are not covered by health insurance.
  3. And the last is life insurance, whose function is to finance the bereaved family

There are some things that people usually ask about insurance, How To Choose The Right Health Insurance for family?

Is there insurance cover for all person a family? For now, I don’t think there is any insurance that can fully cover one family. There used to be, but for now it is no longer marketed, the advice is to buy insurance separately.

  • For children and for housewives, just use health insurance.
  • Parents buy health and critical illness insurance and life insurance.

The next question is

Is there insurance that is cheap and affordable?

Let us first explain that there are two types of insurance.

• Buy insurance

• Rental insurance, usually if you rent you will get a refund of the premium or the money you paid as a premium within a certain time. For example, critical illness insurance that returns up to 100% of the premium you paid at the age of 80.

Next question

Is it necessary to compare insurance products before we choose one? That’s good just you just you have to know.

What to compare About Insurance?

What you need to know is that every insurance company has the terminology used by each insurance company that we must understand, so that we understand when we compare these insurance products.

The next question is when is the right time to use insurance products or when should we take insurance?

We should take insurance when we don’t need it because insurance is an energy reserve that we use when we are critical and really need help, don’t let it be when we need it, we need financial, we are just confused about looking for insurance. Therefore, it would be better if we use insurance or register for insurance before we need it, meaning that we are still in good health. For example, we can buy critical illness insurance before we become critically ill and we can buy life insurance before we die. Currently still in good health is a very good time to buy insurance.

The second tip How To Choose The Right Health Insurance

 Buy insurance at an experienced agent

Why is that? Because it can cut losses, because the insurance company already understands our needs. Understand the product and know how to claim in detail. So choosing an experienced insurance agent is very important for us so that we get largest benefits and benefit us in the long-term

The third tip How To Choose The Right Health Insurance

How to get insurance premiums paid?

This can be minimized by buying insurance from an experienced agent or you read the full policy carefully. Then look for an insurance company that has a good financial condition. The healthy financial condition of the insurance company will be relatively safer for us to use. Because the insurance company will pay the hospital bills. When we are sick or we are in need of financial support.

One of the financial ratios that we can use to decide the ability to pay of an insurance company is RBC (Risk Based Capital). Look for an insurance company with a minimum risk-based capital value of 120%, meaning that the insurance company is able to pay 1.2 times the total claim. You can check the data above on the websites of these insurance companies

So tips on how to choose the right insurance hopefully can help you take the right insurance for yourself and your family.

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